International Press Release on the Poverty Olympics

February 4th, 2010-->

You’re invited to the 2010 POVERTY OLYMPICS in Vancouver on Feb. 7th, 2010

Pour toutes informations en Francais, contactez Letizia 604 255 5205 (natel 778 899 3210)
Per informazione in italiano, chiamare Letizia 604 255 5205 (telefonino: 778 899 3210)

The Poverty Olympics is a mini-Olympics designed by Canada’s poorest urban community, the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver. Come to the Poverty Olympics to:

– Learn about desperate poverty in the wealthy country of Canada;
– Meet Poverty Olympic mascots Itchy the Bedbug, Creepy the Cockroach, and Chewy the Rat;
– Talk to residents of Canada’s poorest urban community;
– See the creative, justice-seeking spirit of Vancouver’s low income Downtown Eastside Community;
– Watch the Poverty “Games”: Housing Hurdles, Hockey with the VANOC Predators, the Broken Promise Slalom, and Wrestling for our Community;
– Laugh, have fun, and eat Cockroach Cake. 

Time & Place:
Sun, Feb 7 – Poverty Olympics Torch Relay:Leaves VANDU, 380 E Hastings St. 12:30 pm
Sun, Feb 7 – Opening Ceremonies & Games: at Japanese Hall, 487 Alexander St. 1-3 pm

Media contacts: Wendy Pedersen 604-839-0379
Jean Swanson 604-729-2380

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