Torch Relay Visits Coquitlam

February 6th, 2010-->

Jamison Miller started pushing the Torch at the Production Way SkyTrain station on Lougheed. He pushed it all the way uphill to the Sleepy Lodge on Clarke in Coquitlam.

Nick Blomley then took over and started to push just as the rain got heavier. His destination was Barnet Beach, down at the shoreline west of Reed’s Marina. But Nick got the attention of the Port Moody Police Department – “What’s all this, then?” said the constable. On advice of his Sergeant by radio, he ruled the Torch off the road.

Barry and Nick packed it up and drove it to Barnet Beach. With the True Torch out of commission, the backup Torch came into play: the toilet plunger with golden ribbons. Nick carried it proudly aloft for 5 kilometers to the beach. The Torch Relay continued unbroken, still entirely self-powered!




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